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LA Weekly Awards 2014 nominations

Jack Stehlin
"Leading Male Performance" for Creditors

Burt Grinstead, Heather Anne Prete and Jack Stehlin for
"Best Ensemble" for Creditors

Merrily Murray-Walsh for
"Best Costumes" for Creditors

Congrats to Jack Stehlin for his
Best Lead Peformance for
Grigware's Best in LA Theatre for 2013  


The New American Theatre and The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble

The New American Theatre and The Odyssey Theatre Announce 2013 Collaborations

First co-production is Shakespeare's comedy "A Midsummer Night's Dream", followed by August Strindberg's "The Creditors."


Julius Caesar Calls for Civility:
by Jack Stehlin: LAStageTimes





Jack Stehlin in Julius Caesar

There were a handful of other Elizabethan dramas written about Julius Caesar, but Shakespeare's offers a more entertaining dramatization of Rome's political climate (which was as nasty and cutthroat as our own) and the aftermath of the emperor's murder. Principal among the assassins are Brutus (Jack Stehlin) and Cassius (Tom Groenwald), who are the head and talons of the conspiratorial mob. The curious thing about this play is that the focus is really Brutus, not Caesar, and Stehlin (who also directs) renders a superb performance, investing the character with equal parts cunning, glacial detachment and simple human fragility. Equally commanding are Groenwald's voluble, emotionally intense Cassius and Scott Sheldon's dignified and loyal Marc Antony. This is a lean, well managed production with the rest of the large cast turning in good performances in multiple roles. Stehlin's contemporary staging -- which includes some attractive choreography by Jade Sealey -- sacrifices none of the play's on-the-edge intensity. Kitty Rose's smattering of props gets the job done effectively, and her present-day costumes (mostly dark suits) are strangely appropriate and attractive. Noah Silverstein's faux panels of statuary and sculpture are subtly evocative of the period. New American Theatre Company, 1157 N. McCadden Place, Hlwyd.; Fri.-Sat., 8 p.m. (Oct. 21 perf, 7 p.m.); through Oct 21. (310) 701-0788, (Lovell Estell III)

Image: Los Angeles Times Review Bedfellows by Chuck Rose directed by Jack Stehlin
Read the LA Times review of Bedfellows! Click to Read....


Read the article about playwright Chuck Rose and director Jack Stehlin in LA Stage Times! Click to Read....




Philip Baker Hall in LA STAGE TIMES

Philip Baker Hall: I Never Sang For My Father
by Pauline Adamek
April 13, 2011


Los Angeles TimesA New Stage for Circus Theatricals
Los Angeles Times

Mike Boehm
February 23, 2011


The Thing Is...
LA Stage Insider
Julio Martinez,
February 17, 2011



LA Weekly
32nd Annual LA Weekly Awards
Jack Stehlin nominated for Best Leading Male Performance,
"More Lies About Jerzy," Circus Theatricals at the Hayworth Theatre
February 17, 2011


Best of the One acts

"an event clearly able to display the unique talents of a dynamic ensemble of highly committed artists."
 read the review in Back Stage

Reviewed by Travis Michael Holder

November 17, 2010



Titus Redux

Titus Redux in Los Angeles TimesShakespeare's Titus Returns to Battle
Los Angeles Times

Mike Boehm
August 29 , 2010


The Jerzy Boys: Davey, Jack and David
by Cynthia Citron  |  May 14, 2010


photo: RadioJack Stehlin and Brenda Strong on KPFK Radio 90.7 FM "Arts in Review" with Julio Martinez

Listen to the Radio podcast


photo: RadioTitus Redux Director John Farmanesh-Bocca on Dr. Eric Dyson show

Listen to the Radio podcast



****" an always-compelling Jack Stehlin plays General Titus Andronicus"

“An impassioned critique of the domestic legacy of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“The Delivery of [Jack] Stehlin, [Brenda] Strong and [Margeaux J.] London, ensures the poetic resonance.”

Los Angeles Times

**** GO! *****
"the talents of seven fine performers are glorious, particularly Stehlin's powerful portrayal of pride crumbling into madness. "
LA Weekly

**** CRITIC's PICK! ****
Redux, indeed. Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" is modernized and retold weaving in strands of the original in this inventive work conceived, choreographed, and directed by John Farmanesh-Bocca and incorporating his films that enhance and fit seamlessly into the story.

This is Farmanesh-Bocca's piece (he also designed the sound with Adam Phalen), but there's no trace of his ego anywhere. He has turned the starring role over to Jack Stehlin, who makes Titus a stiff-backed soldier and a grade-A wacko. Stehlin is as gifted with the production's Shakespearean text as he is with the dance-combat, the comedic moments on film, and the silent moments of impending insanity. Opposite him, Farmanesh-Bocca's well-drawn Aaron is merely a sweet dad with one of those inevitable crushes on his neighbor's wife.
Back Stage

**** DYNAMIC! ****
What Farmanesh-Bocca adds to Shakespeare is a disorenting nonchronological story that exposes the hypocrisy of a world that sees the Middle Eastern wars as just another reality show.
- Hollywood Reporter


**** “Stehlin brings a weathered confidence to Titus when he is depicted on battlefields and as a model member of the army both on film and in live action.” ****

“(Farmanesh-Bocca’s) greatest strength as a visual conceptualist is as a choreographer, judging by the scenes that bring power to the "Titus" core. Altercations -- both realistic and surreal -- are his forte.”

**** Jack Stehlin and Brenda Strong shine in Titus Redux ****
"whether you are a Shakespeare lover or a theatre gumshoe, you would do well to see this performance. Utilizing dance, film, indie rock and contemporary jargon to re-tell the sordid tale, Titus Redux is a brave, brazen and at times hilarious re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s bloodiest play, Titus Andronicus. "
- Movies, Music, Mayhem

**** "dizzying theatricality" ****

“the fight scenes are truly exciting to watch, and Titus’s progressive descent into madness is downright chilling.”

****"thrilling end-of-summer theatrical extravaganza" ****

**** The cast is uniformly excellent ****
including Brenda Strong as Tamora, Margeaux London as Lavinia, Dash Pepin and Vincent Cardinale as Titus' sons Demetrius and Chiron, and Nicholas Hormann as Titus' brother, Marcus Andronicus.

And then, of course, there's the amazing Jack Stehlin, who emotes and throws himself around the stage for two hours and never breaks a sweat!  At the end of the day, I'm still a fascinated fan and will run to see anything that he and his Circus Theatricals company choose to produce."
- SD Jewish World



Ovation Recommended!




****Critic's Choice! ****
"Jack Stehlin's performance is, quite simply, Luminescent! ..." ****
Los Angeles Times
read the review

**** GO! "Fascinating!..." ****
LA Weekly

read the review


****Critic's Choice! "Jack Stehlin is Phenomenal!" ****
Back Stage

read the review

**** "Excellent Cast!" ****
San Diego Jewish World

**** "One of the Best Productions of the Year! " ****
The Tolucan




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